What Makes the NEIKO® Difference?  And, Where are NEIKO® Tools Made?

If you're looking for an automotive tool or working on some home improvement, look no further.  We've got it covered.  NEIKO® has been around for over 2 decades for a reason.

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When you're searching for the tool you need to get the job done, there's many factors one must account for.  Job requirements, time constraints, budget, etc.  We take all the endless factors combined, and manufacture hand and power tools that are easily accessible to the consumer at a premium price.

Check out Den of Tools review on the NEIKO® Master Impact Socket Set (02448A):

We stand behind our tools and welcome any customer service inquiry to NEIKO® support with open arms.  Our customer service department specializes in "leaving no customer behind" and will truly create a wonderful experience for the user.


Our tools are manufactured in Taiwan and China, and we specifically pick our factories dependent on the needs of the tool, so that it may become a dependable, reliable and useful addition to any customer's tool collection.  What sets NEIKO® apart from our other competitors is the fact that we spend countless hours developing our brand from packaging/presentation, to delivery, to application quality and finally, customer experience.


We want to make a difference in the market by providing tools in the automotive and home improvement tool space that leave our customer with the impression that we get the job done (and keep going)!

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Next time you're in the market for some tools, think NEIKO® because we think of customer satisfaction through every step of the process.