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At Neiko® we live, breathe, and eat tools. More than a job, it’s a passion that stems from the core idea of going beyond our limits. When we first set out to make tools with comparable quality, design, and function as the “bigger” brands, but offer it at a fraction of the cost, people told us it wasn’t realistic; that’d we’d be limited in what we can achieve. However, after years and countless hours of being committed to our objective, we were able to perfect our craft.

As a result, over the past 20 years and counting, our customers have come to recognize Neiko® as the quintessential brand when it comes to premium value. When you see, feel, and use our tools, whether it's our impact sockets, step drill bits, or torque wrenches, you’ll be able to recognize how we obsess over what we produce. That’s because we understand that value is about more than just the price and we want you to have the freedom of access to premium tools without being limited by quality or cost.

Today, we’re not so focused on where we started, but where we’re going. It’s our mission to continue to evolve and not be restricted by limitations. It’s a philosophy that not only guides us as a company, but as individuals in our life.