The Benefits of a NEIKO® Cordless Power Screwdriver - Model# 10577A

Have you ever built a piece of furniture?  Have you ever had to screw into drywall or tighten/loosen a lot of screws on a project?  Look no further because the NEIKO® 10577A Cordless Power Screwdriver has got you covered.

It comes with a reversible Phillips and flathead screwdriver bit, and to be honest, it gets a lot of handyman jobs done with ease.

With a forward and reverse button located on the grip, this guy can loosen and tighten screws with no effort needed.  Since Phillips screws are the most common for most daily applications at home, you can just grab this handy tool and get the job done in a snap, so it makes this purchase all the more worthwhile.  It has a quick-change 1/4" hex chuck and you can swap out hex key bits and more, and build your furniture pieces saving you time and money.

The electric screwdriver is set at a lower torque point to avoid damaging your projects.  You can use it in auto mode or manually apply force.  This is best to drive the screw in automatically and then finish it off in manual mode to not risk over-tightening.

Personally, I built my son his baby bicycle with this cordless screwdriver and I was done in a flash.  At around 20 bucks, the lithium-ion powered screwdriver will give you a very high return on investment. 

Neiko power cordless screwdriver lithium ion battery

This is a great tool that is practical and good for everyday use.  You can buy it on at:

NEIKO® Cordless Power Screwdriver | 1/4” Hex Auto-Lock Safety Chuck | Includes Phillips and Flathead Bit | USB Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Technology | Auto and Manual Mode