TOOLUXE 40420L Cordless Soldering Iron, Battery-Powered Solder Iron and Wireless Welding Pen with Built-In LED Spotlight, Heats up to 1050°F




  • CORDLESS SOLDERING GUN: Our Cordless Soldering Iron heats up in seconds and is perfect for use on jewelry, wiring, and any appliance that needs soldering. This compact tool is battery powered and perfect for all your soldering needs.
  • POWERFUL & HIGH HEAT: While this soldering iron is small, it can still heat up to 1050°F (565°C). This portable and battery-operated soldering heat gun is powered by 4 AA batteries (not included).
  • VISIBLE & LIGHTWEIGHT: The built-in LED light on this solder gun adds light to dim working spaces. This compact cordless soldering tool is lightweight and small enough to fit into tight and hard-to-reach spots.
  • HOW TO USE: Place the batteries in opposite directions in the rows, and push and hold the red button to begin heating this soldering pen. Hold the textured handle with a firm grip. You can use this tool for jewelry, wiring, or home hobby projects.
  • SAFE & EFFICIENT: Our portable soldering iron includes a quick-cooling feature that is designed to protect you from burns during use. It also comes with a protective cap to place on the tip, so you can store and carry this machine safely and easily.
Our 40420L Cordless Soldering Iron is a one-handed tool that can fulfill all your soldering needs. This battery soldering iron can be used in open and cramped spaces and will give you precise results every time. It is powered by only 4 AA batteries (sold separately).This cordless soldering iron takes only 7 seconds to heat up to 1050°F (565°C), and the compact construction and cordless design let you easily carry it from job to job. It features a textured handle for a firm grip and has a quick-cooling feature to cool the device once it’s turned off. This wireless soldering iron gun even has a built-in LED light for use in dimly lit spaces.To use this soldering tool, place the batteries in opposite directions in the row slots. Put the battery cover on and hold down the red button to begin heating. Make sure to place the included protective cap on the tip once you are done to keep the metal tip intact while it’s in storage. Whether you’re a beginner welder working with iron or a highly skilled electrician soldering wires, this cordless soldering iron will help you easily weld metals and wires for fantastic results. TOOLUXE has your back with our durable, dependable, and strong tools.

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