Neiko Tooluxe 31209L Air Spray Gun Cleaning Kit (22 Piece)




  • [COMPLETE]: Full set with 22 pieces for cleaning and maintenance of any air spray paint gun to ensure excellent working condition.
  • [EASY ACCESS]: Strong, flexible wire brushes allow for easy access to clean hard to reach cavities.
  • [PROTECTION]: Multi-item brush tools clean away any residue for better finishing results and extends gun life.
  • [CONVENIENCE]: Maintenance supply equipment is placed in a compact compartmentalized tray for easy storage and visibility.
  • [INCLUDES]: 4 pc. wire brush, 5 pc. flexible brush, 3 pc. mini brush, 1 pc. handle toothbrush, 6 pc. micro needles, 2 pc. aluminum holders, 1 pc. lubrication bottle, 1 pc. storage case.

This cleaning supply set for air spray gun comes with twenty two pieces of sturdy, essential items for all cleaning necessities! Multi-sized bendable brushes gives you clear access to get into tough contraptions. The items are perfectly placed into a case to give you quick access to your items any time. Most ideal to work with spray guns such as gravity, pressure feed, suction, and many more.

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