TOOLUXE 50003L Universal Heavy Duty Tire Repair Kit | 57 Piece Value Pack | Fix Punctures and Plug Flats | Ideal for Cars, Trucks, Motorcycle, ATV, Jeeps, Off Road Vehicles, RV, Tractors




  • [VERSATILE]: This all-in-one tool kit gives you everything you need to fix a flat tire: tire pressure gauge, pliers, pull out punctures and more.
  • [PORTABLE]: Everything comes packaged in a sturdy, blow molded storage case that can easily be stored in your car for roadside emergencies.
  • [ERGONOMIC]: T-handle design provides greater turning power and comfort during repairs.
  • [CONVENIENT]: Quick and easy repair kit for tubeless tires with no need to remove the rim.
  • [VALUE]: 30-pc 4 String Plugs | Spiral Probe | Insert Tool | Insert Needle Replacement | 2-pc Hex Keys | Long Nose Plier | Knife | Valve Core Tool | 4 pc Tire Valve Caps | 4 Plastic Tire Valve Extenders | 4 pc Chrome Hex Tire Valve Caps | 4 pc Valve Core | Tire Gauge | Small Accessory Storage Case | Sealing Lubricant

TOOLUXE 50003L Universal Tire Repair Kit includes everything needed for quick and easy repairs on any punctured tires! With no need to take off your rims, all you need to do is find the foreign object and follow the 6 easy steps:

1. Using the pillars provided, remove foreign object

2. Insert the spiral reaming tool repeatedly at a slight angle to enlarge the puncture

3. Prepare the T-handle for insertion by dipping the tip into the included lubricant

4. Insert tire repair cord and center it on top of the puncture

5. Insert the tire repair cord into the hole and slide the retaining platform firmly down then quickly pull the T-handle up, leaving the 1/2 inch plug in place

6. Using the included blade, trim the excess repair plug until its flush with the tire threads, then inflate tire to proper pressure

This kit includes over 57 pieces that will help you fix your flat tire in no time! Some of the highlights include:

- Long Nose Pliers to make sure you can get to those hard to reach spots

- Spiral Probe and Insert Needle constructed with hardened steel with a sand blasted finish to ensure durability and longevity

- 30 durable String Plugs for multiple flat tire repairs - the plugs are 4 inches long so you that you can handle big jobs with ease

- Folding knife that you can use to cut off the excess string plug that is left over after each repair

- Tire Pressure Gauge to check your tire pressure after everything is finished to make sure its safe to get back on the road

- 4-Way Valve Tool to easily remove bad valve and replace it with a new valve included in this kit

- Valve Extender to easily extend your reach to set the correct air pressure

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