NEIKO PRO 03715B Torque Multiplier 1/2" Drive Torque Wrench, 1100 Foot-Pound Heavy Duty Torque Multiplier Wrench, Chrome-Moly Cr-Mo and Chrome-Vanadium Cr-V




  • [PRO-GRADE]: Provides added torque to cleanly bust rusted or frozen fasteners with the rated force that standard wrenches cannot produce.
  • [MATERIAL]: Chromium Molybdenum head and Chrome Vanadium bar are designed for durability, long tool life and the shock of extremely high torque.
  • [POWER]: Drive input rated at 365 foot-pound maximum and drive output of 1100 foot-pound making it perfect for field, automotive, construction, industrial, and plumbing.
  • [VERSATILE]: 13-3/4” torque enhancer includes a small, but powerful 2.9” head that slips into tight and hard-to-reach spaces.
  • [CONVENIENCE]: Set includes a hard plastic case for carrying and storage.

The NEIKO 03715B is used to tighten or remove nuts and bolts over the rated force a standard wrench can produce, it utilizes a 3.3:1 ratio planetary gear set to convert low torque (max. 365 ft.-lbs.) to high torque (max. 1,100 ft.-lbs.) . Examples include lug nuts, suspension fasteners, and any other frozen but or bolt applications. Can also be used to accurately torque fasteners above the highest output of a torque wrench. 

•Drive Input: 1/2-Inch, 365 foot-pound Maximum
•Drive Output: 3/4-Inch, 1100 foot-pound Maximum
•Head Width: 2.9 Inch, 3.3:1 Ratio
•Reaction Bar: 13-3/4 Inch
Note: frictional gear loss = 6 %


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