NEIKO PRO 03710B 3/4-Inch-Drive Adjustable SAE Torque Wrench with Torque Click Settings of 100–700 Foot-Pound, Made with CrV Steel, 48-Inch Length




  • TORQUE WRENCH: The NEIKO professional-grade torque wrench is the perfect tool for loosening and tightening stubborn lug nuts, screws, or bolts. Use this one-direction precision instrument on the road or in your home for all your tough wrench needs.
  • TORQUE RATCHET WRENCH: This inch-pound torque wrench and ratchet tool features a reversible function with a locking and unlocking adjustment. It also has an adjustable clicker that lets you select from the easy-to-read torque value scale.
  • LONG-HANDLED TOOL: The wrench click stick has a 48-inch length, making it easy to loosen tough bolts at high torque settings in a range of 100 to 700 ft-lb. The handle of this wrench tool has a soft, firm grip for easy turning and pulling.
  • PRO-GRADE ACCURACY: Using factory testing, this torque wrench is calibrated to have results of +/- 4% to assist in damage prevention on your bolts. The professional heat-treated CrV steel provides durability and shock resistance as well.
  • PORTABLE TORQUE WRENCH SET: This automotive tool comes with an ABS custom-fitted storage case for safe and convenient storage when not in use. It also includes a key and lock for the case. Carry your torque wrench with you easily from job to job.

NEIKO presents our PRO 3/4-inch-drive adjustable click torque wrench for dealing with any stubborn nut or bolt! The 3/4-inch drive is larger than other standard sizes, and the click mechanism lets you choose a torque value that ranges from 100 to 700 ft-lb for an accurate measurement in any situation. With the reversible function and locking and unlocking features, this heavy-duty tool lets you keep your selected torque value securely in place. The stick length is 48 inches, which helps you turn the wrench with ease, and the handle has a soft grip for easy turning and pulling without straining your hands. A ball detent and chamfered end on the drive-click torque wrench help the wrench head lock onto any socket you attach it to.

This one-direction precision-instrument torque wrench is perfect for use as a tire wrench or a ratchet on small and large vehicles. The 17.8-pound wrench also comes with a fitted case, making it simple to transport and store safely. The case comes with a key and lock for extra security. To clean this tool, simply wipe down the heat-treated CrV steel stick with a soft towel. This top precision instrument has a grading of 1 ft-lb. Whether you need this torque wrench adapter for dealing with stubborn lug nuts or you just need a wrench to add to your equipment, NEIKO has your back with our durable, dependable, and strong tools.

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