NEIKO PRO 03707B 3/8" Torque Wrench, 3/8” Drive SAE, 15-80 Ft-Lb, 14” Length, Adjustable Click Torque Wrench, Chrome Vanadium Cr-V Steel




  • 3/8" DRIVE TORQUE WRENCH: The NEIKO 3/8-inch adjustable torque wrench/ratchet features a 3/8" drive head and is constructed of chrome vanadium Cr-V steel for superior toughness and torque power output.
  • 15 TO 80 FOOT-POUNDS: With a range of 15-80 ft-lb, this adjustable click torque wrench has a torque rating for 3/8" sockets to set to the proper rating or loosen your lug nuts and bolts on smaller cars or vehicles.
  • CALIBRATION ACCURACY: Machine factory tested and calibrated to results of +/-4 percent, the precision of this heavy-duty small torque wrench SAE prevents over torquing your nuts and bolts with a clicker to specify the proper torque setting.
  • 14” LENGTH HANDLE: This torque wrench 3/8” drive has an overall 14-inch length bar makes it easy to loosen tough bolts at low torque settings through its provided leverage.
  • BLOW MOLDED CASE: This 3/8" torque wrench comes with an ABS custom fitted storage case for safe and convenient storage with an included key and lock for security.

Neiko Pro Tools gives you one of the most durable automatic torque wrenches on the market today and an outstanding value, compatible to name brand tools, but half the price. Handle twist torque selector registers foot-pounds and Newton meters; lock mechanism is strong and easy to use, prevent accidental adjustment during operations. Accuracy certified to +/-4%, exceeds all international standards for torque wrenches. 3/8" drive, 15-80 ft. lb, adjustable in 0.5 ft-lb increments. ABS storage and carrying case included.

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