Neiko HILTEX 40508 Digital Multimeter | Diode and Transistor Tester | AC/DC Volt Test | Test Probes | Voltmeter | Multitester Meter |Volt/OHM Meter (VOM) | Measure Voltage Test(Pack of 25)



  • METER TESTER: A portable, general purpose digital volt meter multimeter to test wires, batteries, cells, fuses and other electrical components.
  • VOLTAGE TESTER: A safe and accurate voltage and current tester for troubleshooting electrical problems in automotive and household settings. Check for battery quality, automotive circuits, and charging systems.
  • LARGE DISPLAY: Includes large, easy-to-read LCD screen that measures 3-1/2 digits and accurately measures resistance, current and voltage with maximum reading up to 1999.
  • WIDELY USED: Red and black leads to test electrical system components including diodes, transistors, wires, fuses, and battery testing on electrical equipment making this the perfect tool for technicians and electrical engineers.
  • ENSURE SAFETY: Built-in overload protector keeps the meter from any possible damage, Checks fuses, and electrical components for households, automotive and industrial. Overload indicator and low battery indicator, and features a voltmeter, ammeter and ohmmeter.

Our new HILTEX 40508 Multi meter with transistor and diode tester is a must have for any at home DIYer. Test batteries that you’ve had in your drawer or even your car battery. Find faulty, hot wires and bad switches when working on your hone or in your garage.

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