NEIKO 60168A Toilet Plunger Set, 4 Piece, Bonus Mini Sink & Drain Plunger, Toilet Bowl Brush & Caddy, Patented All-Angle Design, Telescopic Aluminum Handle, Bathroom Toilet Brush and Plunger Set




  • PATENTED DESIGN TOILET BRUSH AND PLUNGER SET | Unique Toilet Plunger with 4-step Graduated Design Combined with a Pliable Rubber Suction Cup Forms an Ultra-Tight Seal on Most Toilets, Round and Elongated, Old as Well as New
  • EASY TO HANDLE | Light Weight, Rustproof, and Mold Resistant Aluminum Handle Stands up to Daily Use and is an Upgrade Over Traditional Wooden Handle Plungers for Bathrooms
  • STORES DISCREETLY | Space Saving Telescopic Handle Allows Plunger to be Retracted to only 17 inches, Making it Easy to Tuck Away. Plunger and Toilet Brush Combo Hidden Caddy.
  • DETAILED CLEANING | Full Dome, Sturdy Toilet Brush Bristles is Ideal for Deep and Thorough Cleaning on all Toilet Bowl Surfaces that is Compatible with a Variety of Restroom Cleansers and Cleaners
  • COMPLETE BATHROOM TOILET PLUNGER AND BRUSH SET | 4 Piece Set of Bathroom Cleaning Essentials Includes Professional Grade Plunger, Toilet Cleaner Brush, Hygienic Drip Tray Holder and Bonus Compact Mini Sink Plunger

 The NEIKO 60168A Plunger Set is the perfect plungers for bathrooms combination for any home owner or new home must haves. A plunger, force cup, plumbers best friend, plumbers helper is used to clear blockage in drains and pipes. Easy top use for unclogging sinks, drains and toilets. This toilet brush set comes with our newly redesigned plunger, toilet brush, storage caddy/toilet plunger holder, and mini sink and drain plunger. Super-pliable industrial-rubber cup with tiered ridges forms an ultra-tight seal on any size drain. Small plunger with heavy-duty aluminum handle allows for maximum pressure forced to alleviate the source of clogging. Designed to work effectively at any angle for hard-to-reach, low-clearance applications. When the plunger is pressed down, over a clog, it forces air into the drain and increases pressure. When the clog is moved, the air will continue to move through the pipes. Pulling back up on the plunger creates a vacuum and forcing anything in the pipe upwards and out. Our new telescopic handle retracts down to only 17 inches, allowing for discreet storage. This toilet pump combo with toilet scrubber brush is a bathroom essential. Simple and cute toilet brush with a small plunger for your sink also included!

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