NEIKO 60167A Toilet Plunger with Holder for Brush and Bathroom Plunger Set, Clean Aluminum Handle, White Plunger Caddy, Toilet Brush Set for Cleaning Toilet Bowl




  • PATENTED DESIGN TOILET PLUNGER CUP: Each toilet bowl plunger has a unique 4-step suction cup that creates supreme suction power and fits securely in all different types of toilet bowls in any bathroom and has no interior ridges to allow water residue to remain inside the suction cup.
  • TOILET PLUNGER WITH HOLDER: Store away your toilet plunger and toilet brush with the included caddy that makes for clean storage of your plunger.
  • DURABLE ALUMINUM HANDLES: Each plunger bathroom accessory extremely light weight, durable, and constructed with an easy-to-clean aluminum handle that comes with a peg hole for convenient hanging and/or storage in any bathroom or storage closet.
  • HIGH GRADE RUBBER CUPS: Each heavy duty suction plunger cup is super pliable and built of tough rubber to create an ultra-tight seal on the drain leveraging all angles to create a forceful pump that will clear out any toilet clog in commercial and/or residential use.
  • INCLUDED BATHROOM ACCESSORIES: Each complete plunger set comes with a toilet brush and caddy for convenience and organization, which makes for easy access and centralizes all of your toilet accessories on one place.

The NEIKO 60167A Toilet Plunger with Brush and Caddy Combo is the perfect plunger set for any homeowner. With a super-pliable industrial-rubber cup with tiered ridges, each plunger suction cup head forms an ultra-tight seal on any size drain and creates a suction force like no other. The heavy-duty aluminum handle allows for maximum pressure that removes the source of clogging with ease. This plunger is designed to work effectively at any angle for hard-to-reach, low-clearance applications and engineered for commercial/residential use. With a brush and caddy included, you can be assured that your toilets will stay clean all year long.

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