NEIKO 53880A Forestry Helmet for Safety with Shield and Earmuffs, Chainsaw Helmet with Face Shield, Hard Hat Safety Gear Equipment, Protective Face Shield and Mesh Shield for Face Protection




  • CHAINSAW HELMET WITH FACE SHIELD AND EARMUFFS: This hard hat with face shield serves as protective equipment with included earmuffs when operating chainsaws. Protective gear that serves multiple purposes, this chainsaw accessory is one of the best for safety to protect your eyes, hearing and head.
  • FORESTRY HELMET FOR LOGGING TIMBERJACKS: Utilized by forestry workers, the NEIKO forestry helmet can suit anyone in a forest setting such as a timberjack to give the ultimate in eye, head and ear protection. The included face mask shields can be used by a woodcutter and is a necessity in the outdoors while working.
  • CONSTRUCTION HELMET FOR EVERYDAY PROTECTION: This helmet is a hardhat with superior strength to protect against any hazards on the job at the work site.
  • COMFORTABLE FIT FOR DAILY USE: This hard hat, shield and earmuff combo utilizes a dial to easily adjust the fit to ensure the safest protection as this helmet will remain securely in place when worn. We designed this safety equipment to be used as all day and all purpose gear.
  • HELMET ACCESSORIES INCLUDE: clear face shield, steel mesh face shield, adjustable ear muffs, yellow hard hat helmet.

The NEIKO 53880A 5 in 1 Safety Helmet is well equipped to give you the protection, comfort, and convenience you need in a hard hat. The helmet provides complete face and ear protection during various types of work, such as forestry, construction, or other industrial jobs.

It features a bright yellow color for high visibility while the earmuffs, visors and headband give you the ability to adjust, interchange, remove parts as needed. The flexible rear knob allows for a customizable fit on all head shapes and sizes.

Product Features:

- 5-in-1 design that allows multiple configurations: hard hat only, hard hat and polycarbonate visor, hard hat and mesh visor, hard hat and ear muffs, hard hat, ear muffs, and polycarbonate visor, hard hat, ear muffs, and mesh visor.

- High strength, impact resistant helmet that’s equipped with a foam headband, soft plastic lining, and cushioned ear muffs for maximum comfort and wear

- Noise reduction and hearing block of up to NRR 22 decibel and SNR 25.9 dB range for a variety of projects dealing with chainsaws, brush cutters, trimmers, demolition hammers

- Lightweight, plastic visor and steel mesh visor provides a complete face shield and is interchangeable for a wide range of protection from hazardous debris, small particles, and liquid hazards during construction, tree care, or landscaping maintenance projects

- Meets all ANSI S12.42/S3.19 standard and is CE EN352-3 approved for highest quality, safety, and performance

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