NEIKO 53874A Clear Protective Lab Safety Goggles Chemistry, Scientific, Construction Goggles, Contractor Work, Woodworking, Anti-Fog and Splash, Includes Indirect Vent and for Men and Women




  • LAB GOGGLES FOR CHEMISTRY: Each safety goggle is ANSI 287.1 Approved and can be used for eye protection when working on chemistry work or related projects. These splash proof safety goggles will serve as a protective barrier to chemicals.
  • CONSTRUCTION GOGGLES: These work goggles serve as protective eyewear while on the job at a construction work site. Fully protect your eyes around heavy-duty equipment, sharp objects, and tools.
  • FULL PROTECTION SAFETY: Not only for construction and scientific goggle use, the NEIKO 53874A is complete protective eyewear for fields related to doctors, nurses, woodworkers, chefs, or cooks
  • COMFORTABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT: The flexible rubber design lining provides maximum comfort by conforming to the shape of the face accompanied by a lightweight build to allow the user to wear all day.
  • ANSI APPROVED RATING: These goggles meet ANSI requirements and are suitable for use as firearms safety glasses while also being waterproof.
The Neiko 53874A safety goggles are ANSI approved and meet industry standards for use in science labs, hospitals, construction, gardening, and overall safety. With it’s PVC frame and polycarbonate lens construction, these anti-fog/anti-scratch safety goggles offer maximum comfort.

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