Neiko 53819A Safety Face Shield with Clear Polycarbonate Visor, Adjustable Head Straps, Universal Fit, Protective Plastic Full Face Shield Masks for Grinding, Isolation, and Weed Whacking




  • ANSI APPROVED: This safety visor and face shield is perfect for full face protection and coverage that meets with ANSI Z87.1 standards to keep you out of harm's way.
  • GRINDING FACE SHIELD: Hinged clear polycarbonate visor gives you a perfect field of vision for undisrupted work in your garage, shop, laboratories, garden or in public with a easy one handed flip up motion.
  • UNIVERSAL FACE VISOR: Protective face shield with adjustable head strap and ratchet suspension that have front and back adjustments for a universal fit for all your splash guard face shield needs.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT FACE SHIELD: Soft padding on the head strap provides a comfortable fit and overall lightweight for wearing this clear face mask shield all day and night.
  • VERSATILE: Face shield for weed whacking can be useful for a wide range of operations that require facial protection with visibility. Note: Please remove tint film on both sides of face shield before first use.

The Neiko 53819A Protective Safety Face Shield meets all ANSI regulations under ANSI Type 1 Z89.1-1989. With front and back adjustable head straps and a soft padded front lining for comfort, this face shield covers a 100 percent of the face and neck area for complete protection. The curved clear visor provides an unobstructed field of vision for great visibility and is constructed with a high quality polycarbonate. Please note: Protective tint film is on the visor when product is new. This tint film must be removed from both sides before its first use. This personal protective equipment (PPE) protects the wearers face from hazards such as road debris, flying objects, splashes, or potential infectious materials. Protect your eyes and keep yourself or strangers from touching your face. Does not interfere with most cap mounted earmuffs.

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