NEIKO 53730A Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner Wet Dry, Wet Vacuum Cleaner for Car or Vehicle, High Power and Small Vacuum for Car Detailing, 12V Car Vacuum by DC Power, Works Best For Automotive or Boat




  • [CONVENIENT]: 12 volt lightweight vacuum plugs into your car plug for fast and easy use.
  • [PORTABLE]: Cloth storage bag makes organization and transporting this on-the-go vacuum a breeze.
  • [LONG-REACH]: 14.8 ft cord makes it easy to take the unit from the front of the vehicle to the back.
  • [COMPACT]: Mini vacuum weighing less than 3 pounds can be easily kept in the trunk of your car.
  • [INCLUDES]: 1pc long tube, 1pc slot pipette, 1pc extended hose, 1pc brush nozzle, 1pc filter cleaning brush, 2pc filter element (1 in the vacuum cleaner), 1pc 600D Oxford cloth bag.

When you’re committed to keeping your car looking nice, the best thing you can do is maintain. If you wait until the car looks filthy, it’s a much bigger job. The NEIKO 53730A Wet/Dry Car Vacuum Cleaner is a great portable solution to keeping your vehicle clean. This vacuum features a 14.8 ft cords enabling you to keep your car clean from bumper to bumper, and 4 vacuum attachments that give you easy access to hard-to-reach areas. Easy to use for quick clean up after ridesharing, sandy days at the beach, or a car ride with the family pet. This small vacuum packs a big punch and is more maneuverable than regular household vacuums and shop vacs. Designed for smaller spaces, making it easy to clean and preserve your vehicles interior. If you have a few minutes while sitting in the car, waiting for the kids at pick up you can conveniently pick up all the dust and fast food logged between your seats. Emptying and cleaning the filter is simple as well.


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