NEIKO 53428A Telescoping Magnetic Pickup Tool, Heavy Duty 50 Pound, 36.5-Inch-Long Magnet Stick, Large Magnet with Handle, Extendable Nail Sweeper, Magnetic Wand



  • 3.2” STRONG MAGNET: Shop magnet with a 50 pound holding force for all your heavy duty needs, whether using it as a yard magnet, construction magnet or just need to pick up nails or any metal scrap the 3.2 inch head.
  • EXTENDABLE MAGNET: Expand your reach and unlock the potential with our telescoping magnet, twist lock steel shaft adjusts to your desired length. 24 inches at its shortest and extends up to 36.5 inches at its longest extension!
  • 360 DEGREE: Twisting feature locks at any position you wish so you can use sideways or upside down! Quickly twist and position the head to easily lift, hold, or drag heavy metal objects with ease with this versatile tool.
  • COMFORTABLE GRIP: Enjoy the ergonomic PVC handle for a comfortable hold making it easy to use this magnetic stick as a magnetic sweeper for extended periods of time without fatigue or discomfort.
  • MULTIUSE: Whether you are a DIYer, mechanic, metalworker or nonprofessional keep your shop, home, driveway, or yard clean from nails, screws, bolts, sharp metals, or ferrous metals without bending over.

Introducing the ultimate solution for all your heavy-duty magnetic needs - the 3.2” Strong Magnet Telescoping Tool. With a remarkable 50-pound holding force, this shop magnet is designed to tackle even the toughest tasks, from yard clean-up to construction projects. Its 3.2-inch head effortlessly picks up nails, screws, bolts, and any metal scrap with ease. But that's not all - this telescoping magnet takes versatility to the next level. Its twist-lock steel shaft allows you to adjust its length, starting from a convenient 24 inches and extending up to an impressive 36.5 inches. Now, reaching those inaccessible spots is a breeze, making it perfect for every task at hand. Equipped with a 360-degree twisting feature, this magnet locks securely at any position, enabling you to use it sideways or even upside down. Quickly position the head to lift, hold, or drag heavy metal objects effortlessly, thanks to its innovative design. Say goodbye to discomfort during prolonged use - our telescoping magnet features an ergonomic PVC handle for a comfortable grip, ensuring you can tackle your magnetic sweeping tasks without fatigue or discomfort. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast, mechanic, metalworker, or simply want to keep your space clean, this multi-use tool is your perfect companion. Keep your shop, home, driveway, or yard free from sharp metals and ferrous materials, all without ever having to bend over. Get your hands on the 3.2” Strong Magnet Telescoping Tool today and experience the power of convenience and efficiency in every magnetic task.

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