NEIKO 53426A 35LB Magnetic Pick Up Tool, Large Magnet with 3.3" Head, Extendable Magnetic Sweeper on a Stick up to 33.5 Inches, Nail Finder Pickup Tool, 5 Section Stainless Steel Shaft



  • 35 POUND MAX WEIGHT: Easily pick up nails, screws and magnetic debris with a holding force up to 35 pounds and efficiently clean your yard or shop. Chrome plated base for a long lasting magnet tool.
  • LONG REACH: Telescoping magnet to extend your reach from 8.7 inches at its shortest length to 33.5 inches at its longest. Pick up metals without needing to bend over. Reach under and over anything to get that lost 10mm!
  • STAINLESS STEEL SHAFT: 5 Section telescoping shaft conveniently retracts to allow different heights for all user needs. From home to construction use this magnet will help you get to those hard to reach areas.
  • 3.3” MAGNETIC HEAD: Large magnetic head allows to pick up large items or multiple smaller pieces. Effortlessly cover large areas with this yard extending magnetic pickup tool. Fits in your engine bay for mechanic repairs.
  • COMFORTABLE HANDLING: Designed with an ergonomic grip so it is comfortable to handle and easily disassembled for storage compactly in your tool box or tool bag! Perfect for picking up your keys or nails in your lawn, shop, roof, or home.

Introducing the NEIKO 53426A 35LB Magnetic Pick Up Tool, your ultimate solution for effortless debris cleanup and metal retrieval in any setting. With a remarkable 35-pound holding force, this magnetic tool easily picks up nails, screws, and other magnetic debris, ensuring a clean yard or shop environment with minimal effort. Equipped with a chrome-plated base, this magnet tool boasts exceptional durability for long-lasting use. Its telescoping design allows for extended reach, ranging from 8.7 inches to an impressive 33.5 inches, eliminating the need for bending over and enabling access to hard-to-reach areas effortlessly. Whether you're working at home or on a construction site, the stainless steel shaft with 5-section telescoping capability ensures versatility to suit all user needs. Featuring a large 3.3-inch magnetic head, this tool efficiently picks up large items or multiple smaller pieces, making it ideal for covering large areas with ease. From your yard to your engine bay, this magnetic pickup tool is perfect for mechanic repairs and various other applications. Designed with ergonomic grip for comfortable handling, the NEIKO 53426A is a pleasure to use and can be easily disassembled for compact storage in your toolbox or tool bag. Whether you're picking up keys, nails, or other metal objects in your lawn, shop, roof, or home, this magnetic pick up tool is your go-to solution for efficient cleanup. Upgrade your workspace with the NEIKO 53426A 35LB Magnetic Pick Up Tool and experience unparalleled convenience and efficiency in debris cleanup and metal retrieval tasks.

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