NEIKO 53425A Magnetic Pickup Tool, 25 Lb Telescoping Magnet Tool, 30" Long Extendable Magnet Pick Up Tool, Non-Slip Grip Magnetic Wand, Telescopic Magnet, 7" Short Magnetic Stick, Extra Strong Magnet



  • STRONG MAGNET: Easily retrieve small metal objects in hard-to-reach places with this magnet wand with a holding force and pulling force of 25lbs to secure parts from behind or under the worktable without bending over.
  • EXTEND YOUR REACH FROM 7" TO 30": The extendable magnet pickup tool allows you to reach deep crevices effortlessly with a collapsible stainless-steel shaft that can be adjusted with its six-section design.
  • SLIM MAGNETIC TOOL: The 1" magnetic head effortlessly fits into recessed and obstructed spaces. Effortlessly pick up small item’s sockets, or nuts and bolts in your engine bay with this magnetic grabbing tool.
  • COMFORTABLE GRIP: Tough and durable easy to carry pen magnet with an enhanced nonslip double dipped PVC cushioned grip for an extremely comfortable handle and an ergonomic fit perfect for any mechanic, DIYer, or handyman.
  • Every Day Carry: This pocket magnet is an ideal gift that can easily be carried anywhere with its compact size and can retrieve bolts, nuts, sockets, pins, coins, washers, or your keys in cramped or narrow spaces.

Introducing the NEIKO 53425A, the ultimate solution for all your retrieval needs – the Strong Magnet Pickup Tool! Say goodbye to struggling in hard-to-reach places thanks to its remarkable holding and pulling force of 25lbs, allowing you to secure parts effortlessly from behind or under the worktable without the hassle of bending over. With an extendable reach from 7" to 30", this tool is designed to tackle deep crevices with ease, courtesy of its collapsible stainless steel shaft featuring a six-section design. Its slim 1" magnetic head effortlessly navigates through recessed and obstructed spaces, making it perfect for grabbing small items like sockets or nuts and bolts in tight engine bays. Crafted for comfort and durability, this magnet pickup tool boasts a tough and easy-to-carry design, complete with an enhanced non-slip double-dipped PVC cushioned grip. Whether you're a mechanic, DIY enthusiast, or handyman, the ergonomic fit ensures a comfortable handle every time. Compact and portable, it's an ideal everyday carry item that can retrieve bolts, nuts, sockets, pins, coins, washers, or even your keys from cramped or narrow spaces without breaking a sweat. Upgrade your toolkit with the Strong Magnet Pickup Tool and make those hard-to-reach tasks a breeze!

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