NEIKO 53416A 24” Rolling Magnetic Sweeper with Wheels, 50 Pound Capacity, Adjustable Handle & Floor Magnet Clearance Height, Metal Pick Up and Nail Magnet, Floor Sweeper for Construction, Shop, Etc.




  • MAGNETIC SWEEPER: This rolling magnet sweeper is designed to retrieve nails, screws and all ferrous metal objects off the floor maintaining a load capacity of up to 50 pounds to keep you safe from debris and sharp metals.
  • QUICK RELEASE HANDLE: By lifting the quick-release handle, the floor magnet will drop and remove all attached, magnetized metal particles in an instant for quick disposal and cleanup.
  • EXTRA LARGE MAGNET: The 24” large working surface area of the sweeper magnet clears the entire area more quickly and efficiently with less effort and less use of time and will pick up with ease with the help of the rollers.
  • LONG REACH DESIGN: The telescopic handle has an adjustable height from 29” to 42” that helps avoid back bending and straining while cleaning up the work area. This magnetic pick up clean up tool will make fast work of metal pick up in the shop or garage.
  • SMOOTH ROLLER WHEELS: The 7” large wheels can roll smoothly on carpet, grass, concrete and hardwood floors and has an adjustable clearance space that ranges from ¾ inches to 1-1/2 inches for easy application in any conditions.

The NEIKO 53416A can be used as a magnetic nail sweeper or metal pick up tool in any type of environment. It is a must-have for anyone who works with tools at the home, garage or shop setting. Sharp objects will not be missed by this magnetic rolling giant. A magnet with the smoothest rollers around, this pick up tool is great, even on your lawn when you drop and lose a screw or metal object on the grass. The large magnet definitely makes quick work for clean up and is a good way to preserve the safest working conditions. With a quick release handle, you can easily offload the magnet into a container for organizing and the adjustable clearance allows more flexibility, giving it a wide range of applications. 

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