NEIKO 50971A 4'x6' Super Duty Small Cargo Net¸ Bungee Cargo Net, 16 Pcs Detachable hooks, 4 Carabiners, Small 4"x4" Mesh Protects Small Items, Cargo Net For SUV, ATV/UTV, RV, Pickup Truck Bed, Trailer




  • BUNGEE CARGO NET: Heavy duty extra thick 5mm bungee webbing keeps all your small items safe and secure. Our UV resistant small cargo net is also perfect for keeping ice chests, luggage, small furniture protected and a cargo net for trailers.
  • EXPANDABLE MESH CARGO NET: 4 ft x 6 ft spider bungee dimensions expands up to 8 ft x 12 ft to provide secure coverage for roof top cargo carriers, truck nets, luggage racks of trucks, trailers, jeeps, SUV’s, RV’s or any oversized loads.
  • SECURE BUNGEE NET: Large cargo net designed with tight 4" x 4" mesh squares net to protect smaller objects from falling out. Automotive cargo nets or cargo nets for vans are a great way to secure any loose items when traveling just like a storage net
  • ADJUSTABLE CARGO NETTING: This truck bed net includes 4 carabiners along with 16 detachable hook allows for easy setup for multiple applications. Our truck bed cargo net is compatible with Toyota Tacoma, Ford F150, motorcycle, SUV, trailer, RV, boat and tarp for truck bed.
  • HEAVY DUTY CARGO NET: This truck cargo net set comes with a convenient zipper storage bag for hassle-free and easy storage under your seat. 16 pc adjustable placement nylon hooks, 4 pc metal D clip carabiners designed with tight 4x4 mesh squares.

The NEIKO Universal Heavy-Duty Cargo Net is the perfect solution for securing all the storage on your vehicle. It comes with a heavy duty 5mm thick black Bungee Cords, which are constructed of super elastic natural rubber bands that give it excellent durability and UV Resistance for long term use. Although the cargo net’s standard dimensions sit at 4ft x 6ft, its stretch capability lets it expand up to 8ft x 12ft for maximum coverage!The specially designed 6 inch x 5 inch Grid Pattern can stretch and hold bulky and oversized objects, while the smaller grid pattern prevents small items from falling out. This makes it ideal for securing boxes, bags, or personal belongings in a pickup truck’s bed, hitch cargo carrier, or even the roof rack cargo basket.Along with the premium cargo net, it comes packaged with 16 pieces of detachable nylon hooks and 4 piece adjustable metal “D” clip carabiners for use in a wide variety of ways.This cargo net is not vehicle specific and can accommodate most cars or trucks with hooks.

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