NEIKO 50493A Rotary Tool Accessory Kit | 228 Piece | 1/8” Shank Accessories




  • [VERSATILE]: Variations in pieces makes this an excellent kit for all sorts of applications: polish, grind, drill, cut, sand, engrave, file and more!
  • [VARIETY]: This complete 228 piece accessories set includes rotary essentials like cutters, burrs, nylon and stainless steel brushes, felt point polishers, mandrels, sanding drums, stones and cut-off wheels.
  • [DURABLE]: Bit heads are durable and precise, and can intricately manipulate surfaces like glass, wood, steel, ceramic, porcelain, plastic, jewelry and nails.
  • [COMPATIBILITY]: All shanks are 1/8-inch in diameter and are compatible with most rotary tools including Dremel.
  • [CONVENIENCE]: Pieces are assorted and organized in a wooden carrying case that features shank holder slots for upright and easy accessibility.

Rotary tool accessory kit comes with the following pieces. All shanks are 1/8" In diameter. (6) 120 grit mounted stones (5) 100 grit mounted stones (2) rubber mandrels for sanding bands (2) screw mandrels (1) Mandrel (5) 150 grit diamond burrs (6) HSS burrs 61-63 HRC (2) HSS drills 61-63 HRC (3) 100 grit mounted stones (1) 120 grit mounted stones (3) stainless steel brushes (3) Nylon wire brushes (60) sanding discs (36) silicon Cut-Off wheels (10) 1-1/4" Fiber glass Cut-Off wheels (3) rubber polishing wheels (20) sanding bands (45) polishing Woolen wheels (12) aluminum Oxide grinding stones (1) 180 grit dressing stone (1) 180 grit polishing paste

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