NEIKO 50492A Rotary Tool Accessories Kit | 381pcs | Universal 1/8” Shank | Grinding, Sanding, Cutting, Carving, Sharpening, Polishing, Engraving, Drilling, Cleaning | Woodworking & Metalworking




  • [VERSATILE]: Used for various materials such as wood, glass, pvc, ceramic tile, metal, and plastic.
  • [APPLICATION]: From professionals to DIYers and hand crafting to jewelers this is the complete set.
  • [SIZES]: 1/8 Inch (3.2mm) shank drive is universal with all major brand rotary tools.
  • [INCLUDES]: Sturdy compact plastic storage case with handle to keep all pieces organized on the go.
  • [ACCESORIES]: Cloth wheel, Diamond wheel, Felt wheel mandrel, Flap wheel, Rubber emery wheel, Whet stone, Wrench, Felt wheel pointed, Sanding shanks, Brass brushes, Bristle brushes, Cutting mandrel, High speed steel cutters, Stainless steel brushes, Collets, Silicon carbide grinding wheels with shanks, Felt wheels, Aluminum oxide grinding wheels, Aluminum oxide grinding wheels with shanks, Cutting wheels fiberglass, High speed steel drills, Silicon carbide grinding wheels, Diamond grinding needles, Sanding bands, Slim sanding bands, Sanding papers, Cutting wheels regular.
The NEIKO Die Grinder Accessory Set comes with a variety of attachments for different tasks for your do-it-all device. Ideal for home improvement, hobby, or craft work. This set is universal and fits with most rotary tools or flex shafts. All 381pieces are neatly stored in a carrying pouch. Staple for every family project, toolboxes or garage.
Sanding drums for sanding and carving bevels. Buffing and polishing bits to add shine to metal surfaces. Carbide bits for etching and carving in multiple surfaces. Wire wheels for removing debris from metals. Sharpening wheels for sharpening metal objects such as knives and scissors. Cutting wheels for cutting through metal.

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