NEIKO 50455A E-Clip Assortment Set | 300 PCS, 9 SAE Sizes, Heat Treated External Retaining Clips, 1/16" - 7/8 Inch | High Carbon Steel Circlip Kit, Anti Walk Washers, Retaining Rings




  • RETAINING METAL CLIPS: E-clips are E-shaped fasteners (Mechanical Fasteners) with 1 side opened to hold parts onto a shaft with a wider shoulder, thus providing a larger retaining area and yielding higher thrust load capacity.
  • SNAP RINGS: Snap clips and retaining rings hold parts bearings, gears, pulleys, axles, shafts, and other moving parts that have grooves on them, restrict loosening of the competes due to rapid motions.
  • METAL CIR CLIP: Ring clip is a circlip that can be pushed on or off a grooved shaft without requiring a special tool. Made of heat-treated, hardened steel with improved tensile strength, which holds strong and lasts long.
  • CARRYING CASE: Plastic storage case keeps clips neatly arranged and organized for on the go or mobile mechanics. All 300 standard sized locking clips conveniently stored and organized for easy identification while working.
  • INCLUDES: Includes 300 smaller-sized replacement external retaining rings (e-clips) for a wide variety of securing tasks around the shop or home. Sizes: 1/16", 1/8", 3/16", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", and 7/8"

NEIKO introduces the 50455A Retaining Clip Assortment set. These “E” shaped circlips are made of heat treated number 60 high carbon steel. These large retaining rings are one sided rings that work on automotive car engines and locking mechanisms. Commonly used in machinery, aircraft, mechanical, and anywhere that load bearing rings may be used. Also know as jesus clips, these rings are snapped into radial grooves or shafts and holes the ensure they remain securely in place.
Included Sizes:
20 pieces each: 5/8"
20 pieces each: 3/4"
20 pieces each: 7/8"
30 pieces each: 1/16"
30 pieces each: 1/8"
40 pieces each: 3/16"
40 pieces each: 1/2"
50 pieces each: 1/4"
50 pieces each: 3/8"

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