NEIKO 50445A Rubber O-Ring Assortment Set, Buna-N Gasket Sealing Rings and Replacement O-Rings, Includes SAE and Metric Sizes, 270-Piece Kit




  • O-RING ASSORTMENT KIT: NEIKO introduces our Rubber O-Ring Assortment Set. Each O-ring acts as a joint gasket to seal and protect water lines in any oil line, faucet, sink, filter, toilet, or other machinery.
  • VERSATILE & RELIABLE: Thanks to the NBR construction, these O-rings are resistant to water, UV, lubricants, hydraulic fluids, gasoline, alkalis, and grease. Each O-ring creates a long-lasting seal system that protects your devices from leaks.
  • DURABLE O-RING KIT: Each O-ring in this 270-piece set is built for long-lasting use with static and dynamic motion cylinder fittings. The rings are made of commercial-grade nitrile butadiene rubber for liquid resistance.
  • COMPACT SIZE: Our O-ring kit comes organized in a case by ring size and shape. Carry this seal tool set with you wherever you’ve got a leak that needs extra sealing protection, and be ready to repair against water leaks and other liquids.
  • WHAT’S INCLUDED: This rubber O-ring set includes 18 common small and large SAE and metric sizes for a range of home, hydraulic, industrial, and pneumatic applications. A sturdy plastic case is included.

NEIKO presents our 50445A Rubber O-Ring Assortment Set for use with sinks, faucets, oil lines, filters, toilets, and other machinery. This 270-piece set includes SAE and metric sizes to fit all your plumbing jobs. Each ring is made of commercial-grade nitrile butadiene rubber for maximum liquid, oil, and grease resistance. The set also comes with a plastic case that organizes the O-rings by size, making it easy to select the shape you need for machinery fittings. These sealing devices work well on any kind of gas, lubricant, or fuel line for a long-lasting repair.

The set includes O-rings in the following SAE sizes and quantities: twenty 7/32" x 1/16", twenty 1/4" x 1/16", twenty 5/16" x 1/16", fifteen 7/16" x 1/16", fifteen 7/16" x 3/32", ten 9/16" x 3/32", ten 11/16" x 1/16", and ten 11/16" x 1/8". It also includes the following metric sizes and quantities: twenty 6.8 mm x 1.9 mm, twenty 7.8 mm x 1.9 mm, twenty 8 mm x 2 mm, twenty 8.8 mm x 1.9 mm, fifteen 11 mm x 2 mm, fifteen 12 mm x 2 mm, ten 13.9 mm x 1.8 mm, ten 14 mm x 2 mm, ten 15 mm x 2 mm, and ten 17 mm x 2 mm. Use this O-ring assortment kit for plumbing jobs or for personal home projects to seal leaks quickly and efficiently. Whether you need an O-ring to stop a leak in your home sink or O-rings for larger oil rigs at the job site, NEIKO has your back with our durable, dependable, and strong tools.

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