NEIKO 50444A Rubber O-Ring Assortment Kit, Buna-N Gasket Sealing Rings and Replacement O-Rings, 32 Metric Sizes, 419-Piece Kit




  • O-RING ASSORTMENT KIT: NEIKO introduces our Rubber O-Ring Assortment Kit. Each O-ring acts as a joint gasket to seal and protect water lines in any oil line, faucet, sink, filter, toilet, or other machinery.
  • VERSATILE & RELIABLE: Thanks to the NBR construction, these rubber O-rings are resistant to water, UV, lubricants, hydraulic fluids, gasoline, alkalis, and grease. Each O-ring creates a long-lasting seal that protects your devices from leaks.
  • DURABLE O-RING KIT: Each pliable O-ring in this set has a high-quality construction and a thick wall design to provide long-lasting durability. The rings are made of commercial-grade nitrile butadiene rubber for liquid resistance.
  • COMPACT SIZE: Our O-ring kit comes organized in a case by ring size and shape. Carry this seal tool set with you wherever you’ve got a leak that needs extra sealing protection and be ready to protect against leaks from water and other liquids.
  • WHAT’S INCLUDED: This rubber O-ring set is available with SAE or metric sizes and includes 32 common small and large sizes for a range of home, hydraulic, industrial, and pneumatic applications. It comes with a sturdy plastic case.

Seal and Prevent Leaks in Plumbing, Machinery and More. The Neiko 50444A 419-piece O-ring assortment is a comprehensive MM sized set of nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR) rubber o-rings, perfect for personal use, or in professional workshops and garages. O-Rings, sometimes referred to as o rings, orings or toric joints, are used in a variety of trades for sealing and leak prevention along material joints. The super durable, yet pliable NBR rubber used in this set is highly oil and UV resistance, making these o-rings ideal for use in plumbing, machinery, hydraulic and pneumatic applications. These o-rings also feature universal compatibility, presented in 32 variations sized using the MM standard. A hardshell case is included for protection and organization of o-rings by size, along with a chart detailing their inner and outer dimensions and their location in the case. Nitrile rubber seals prevent leaks in fuel or water plumbing, machinery, hydraulic, and pneumatic connection. Provide secure seals for any oil, air, gas, and water seal application such as tap faucet, sinks, filters. Also used in miscellaneous items such as pipes, pumps, solenoids, gauges, sensors, trucks, cars, motorcycles, boats, engines, paintball guns, spray guns, pressure washers, and more.
Assortment Includes:
23 O-rings each in sizes: 7 x 1.5mm, 10 x 1.5mm, 13 x 1.5mm
20 O-rings each in sizes: 3 x 1.5mm, 4.4 x 2mm
18 O-rings each in sizes: 5 x 2mm
14 O-rings each in sizes: 10 x 2.5mm, 13 x 2.5mm, 16 x 2.5mm, 18 x 2.5mm, 21 x 2.5mm
13 O-rings each in sizes: 11 x 2.5mm, 14 x 2.5mm, 19 x 2.5mm, 22 x 2.5mm
10 O-rings each in sizes: 18 x 3.5mm, 20 x 3.5mm, 22 x 3.5mm, 23.5 x 3.5mm, 25 x 3.5mm, 26.5 x 3.5mm, 28 x 3.5mm, 30 x 3.5mm, 31 x 3.5mm, 33 x 3.5mm, 34.5 x 3.5mm, 36 x 3.5mm, 38 x 3.5mm, 41 x 3.5mm, 44 x 3.5mm, 47 x 3.5mm, 50 x 3.5mm
1 - Hard case with chart

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