NEIKO 50432A Hex Nut Assortment Set | 150 Pc Nylon Locking Nuts | A3 Steel Hex Assorted Hardware Kit #10 & SAE | Metal Screw Nut for Bolts | Friction Lock Nut




  • APPLICATION: A nyloc nut, also referred to as a nylon-insert lock nut, polymer-insert lock nut, retaining nuts, prevailing torque nut, or elastic stop nut, is a kind of locknut with a nylon collar that increases friction on the screw thread.
  • SECURE FIT: Assortment of 150 standard fastening nylon lock nuts in 6 common SAE sizes for convenient all-purpose bolts used most ideal for professionals and DIYers to prevent loosening due to vibration and rotation.
  • DURABLE: Self-locking nut with nylon collar replaces lock washers preventing unintentional moving bolts from coming out for a more secure and durable hold in furniture craftsmanship, construction, or automotive uses.
  • QUALITY: High quality polymer-insert hex lock nuts resist turning, preventing nut from loosening under vibration and torque. Constructed of high hardness stainless steel to prevent warping and deforming.
  • HARDWARE ORGANIZER: Extra sturdy compartmentalized plastic carrying case allows neat organization and convenient storage for any garage, work bench, toolbox, or on the go job sites. Included sizes: #10x24, 1/4"x20, 1/4"x28, 5/16"x18, 3/8"x16, 1/2"x13.

The NEIKO 50432A Hex Lock Nuts Assortment consists of bolts with a nylon insert at the top of the nut creating tension between the nut and the threads of the bolt. For optimum holding power. The resistance created by the security hex nuts prevents unintentional loosening and moving of the lock nut. This nut set can be used for electrical equipment, automobiles, and spare parts. Storage case included for easy identifying and organizing in your auto shop or car garage. Can also be used as general purpose nuts such as household and automotive applications for professionals or DIYers
Included sizes:
25 Pcs: #10 x 24
35 Pcs: 1/4" x 20
25 Pcs: 1/4" x 28
30 Pcs: 5/16" x 18
25 Pcs: 3/8" x 16
10 Pcs: 1/2" x 13

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