NEIKO 40500A Car OBD2 Scanner, Car Scanner Code Decoder, Reader & Eraser Automotive Check Engine Light Diagnostic Read & Clear Emission & Fault Codes 9, Code Reader, OBD2 Scanner Diagnostic Tool




  • CAR CODE READER: This obd2 scanner diagnostic tool is a professional plug-and-play OBD diagnosis tool that supports 9 OBD2 scanner protocols. With a simple and easy to read display, you won’t need a professional to tell you why your engine light turned on.
  • EMISSION CODES: With On-Board Diagnostics, you can read and clear stored emission codes in newer vehicles that have standardized computer systems that monitor your emission control systems. View the freeze frame data and display I/M readiness.
  • WIDE COMPATIBILITY: This OBD reader shows VIN numbers and serves as a misfire, fuel system, EGR, EVAP, oxygen, and catalyst monitor. It enables you to fix the issues yourself or enlighten you about what might happen before bringing in for repair.
  • COMPACT DESIGN: A car obd2 scanner with easy-to-use menus, this automotive tool supports 5 languages, imperial/metric units, & comes with a backlit display giving you the freedom to work all through the day whether at home or the garage.
  • WORKS ON OBD II COMPATIBLE VEHICLES: This unit is suitable for most US, European, and Asian manufactured cars and all OBD2, EOBD and CAN compliant vehicles. Look for the OBD II or OBD II Certified marking on your vehicle emission control information to know if your automobile is compatible.

The user-friendly Neiko 40500A Car OBD2 scanner allows you or your mechanic to access vehicle data. The device is small enough to fit in your hand. Once connected to your car, it can show you essential information, such as: Your vehicle's VIN number, your car's speed, fuel efficiency, and engine RPM. And if your “Check Engine” light comes on, simply plug in your scanner, find the diagnostic code, and look it up, you can then make repairs yourself, or take to your trusted mechanic to do the repairs. Once the problem is fixed, simply delete the code. Every unit comes with an easy-to-read manual, so you are always in full control of your scanner! The small and compact design makes this the perfect mobile code reader and can go anywhere it may be needed. With only 4 buttons, this is an easy-to-use device, the “Up” and “Down” arrows allow for you to scroll through the Menu and Submenu to retrieve all information once the diagnostic data is retrieved. “Ok” allows for you to confirm the selection in the menu and takes you to the next menu screen that is applicable. Lastly, there is the “ESC” button which allows for you to cancel the selection in the menu, and/or return you to the main menu. You can quickly and accurately test your vehicle for the following things: Misfire Monitor Fuel System Monitor Comprehensive Component Monitor EGR System Monitor Oxygen Sensor Monitor Catalyst Monitor EVAP System Monitor Oxygen Heater Monitor Secondary Air Monitor Heating Catalyst Monitor A/C System Monitor

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