NEIKO 40343A COB LED Pocket Work Light, LED and UV Mini Work Light, Up to 200 Lumens with a Hands-Free Magnetic Mount Base, Battery-Powered Blacklight




  • SMALL LED WORK LIGHT: Our 40343A COB LED Pocket Work Light is both convenient and powerful! This device fits in your pocket and works great in your garage or workshop or on a camping trip. Carry this pen-shaped handheld light tool anywhere you go!
  • COB LED TECHNOLOGY: The newer chips-on-board (COB) technology helps increase the lumen output per square inch. This quality UV and LED flashlight provides bright and clear illumination at a greater efficiency than other LEDs.
  • PORTABLE & MAGNETIC LED LIGHT: The base of this UV and LED pocket flashlight features a strong magnet, which makes it a portable magnetic light to use on any metal surface. The device’s small size also makes it a great travel light.
  • FLASHLIGHT CLIP-ON: This portable light features a pocket clip that can easily snap onto your belt, work vest, or tool pouch, letting you shine this bright LED flashlight on your work area or surface completely hands-free.
  • VERSATILE & BRIGHT: This pocket flashlight has multiple uses. Use the UV blacklight to detect pet urine, or illuminate a dark area with the LED light. Just 3 included AAA batteries power this pocket light for a max brightness of 200 lumens.

Whether you’re working on your car in the garage or working in your home, or you just need some extra light, the NEIKO 40343A COB LED Pocket Work Light is the perfect tool for your lighting needs. Weighing just 3.2 ounces, this pocket LED flashlight is the perfect companion for on-the-go lighting. Thanks to the newer COB technology, this handheld LED light is more energy efficient and powerful than other lights, and the 2-in-1 UV and LED design allows you to use it in different ways. This device is powered by 3 included AAA batteries and has a max brightness of 200 lumens. Plus, the outer casing is impact- and water-resistant, making this tool a great addition to your outdoor jobs and perfect as a camping flashlight.

This work light features a clip that fits easily on belts, pockets, and other work attire. The clamp is sturdy, making it a perfect light holder. This small flashlight also features a magnetic base, so you can attach it to any metal surface. The clip and magnet let you work and walk hands-free in almost any situation. Use this handy device as a portable mechanic tool, a tactical light, or an emergency device. The flashlight provides up to 5 hours of run time, and it’s ready for immediate use right out of the package. Clip it onto your belt, or hold it in your hand for extra light in any environment! You can trust this battery-powered LED light to provide you with quality lighting that helps you work efficiently and smoothly.

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