NEIKO 40064A Replacement Battery, 20 Volt 2.0AH Run Time Lithium Ion Battery, Compatible and Fits Neiko 10880A, 10881A, 10882A, and 10883A | 20V Lightweight Battery Only




  • FITS: 20 V Rated Voltage replacement battery for Neiko power tools family line like the 10880A 3/8” Impact wrench, 10881A Angle Grinder, and the 10882A Rotary Hammer.
  • FEATURES: Each battery features an energy indicator LED light that displays the battery level at 100%, 65%, and 25%.
  • POWER SPECS: Rated for 2.0 AMP hours or 2,000 mAH with a rated voltage of DC 20 Volts.
  • 2.0 AH: Light weight battery that is provided in the 10880A impact wrench but will work with the 10881 and 10882A Neiko power tool family.
  • NOTE: This replacement battery unit does not come with the charger or the power tools; only the battery.
NEIKO replacement battery 40064A is the same 20 Volt battery that comes in the NEIKO 10880A 3/8 Inch Drive Cordless Impact Wrench. This Battery is a 2.0 Ah that us our light weight slim battery that help quick movements and with less hand fatigue.

This battery will also fit the NEIKO 10881A Cordless Angle Grinder and the NEIKO 10882A Cordless Rotary Hammer Drill fit the that is provided with the 4.0 Ah battery. Seamlessly fit this 2.0 Ah battery instead of the 4.0 Ah to get a lighter overall weight on your NEIKO grinder or rotary hammer.

We also offer the Neiko 40065A that is a 4.0 Ah battery which will fit the NEIKO 10880A 3/8 Inch Drive Cordless Impact Wrench if you are looking for a longer lasting battery pack!

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