Neiko 30266A Flexible-Edge Hook-and-Loop PU Backing Pad for DA Sander Polisher Buffer, 5 Inches by 5/16 Inches, 24 Thread




  • BACKING PAD FOR SANDERS: Our flexible backer pad can be used with orbital sanders, polishers, and other equipment made for sanding and polishing. This backer pad protects your tools and helps your chosen sanding pad last longer.
  • BACKING-PAD SIZE: Our backer pad has a universal standard size of 5" x 5/16" with 24 threads. This pad backer fits most air sanders for woodworking, buffing, or sand-grinder projects. This pad-plate backer operates at 10,000 rpm.
  • HOOK-AND-LOOP FASTENER: Each backing pad has a hook-and-loop fastener for easy application and removal of the device. With this hook-and-loop pad, you can use your sanding tool with confidence in the grip strength of this back attachment.
  • FLEXIBLE REACH & MATERIAL: With a unique tapered edge, this backing-plate pad has a 29-degree flexibility for angle detailing on contoured surfaces. Our sander backing pad is constructed from polyurethane, so it is smooth and durable.
  • EASY ATTACHMENT: To attach this device, place the rigid backing pad with the rounded side facing your sander. Tighten the backer into your tool using the hook-and-loop design and place your chosen sanding pad on top of the backer.

NEIKO presents this hook-and-loop backing pad for added protection for your sanding equipment! A sander back pad is meant to extend the life of your chosen sanding pads as well as your tools. It keeps the rotating sanding circle from wearing out too quickly while also helping to prevent other damage to your devices.

Each pad is constructed with a rigid and flexible polyurethane material designed to help you reach all angles of your sanding projects. The backing pad will never stay stiff, and it can easily adjust between flexible and rigid forms for your specific needs. A tapered edge helps you maintain perfect detail for woodworking, polishing, or buffering projects. You can also use this backer with sanding tools that can be used for waxing vehicles. A hook-and-loop design helps keep the backer pad securely in place on your equipment. Simply tighten the backing pad onto your chosen sanding tool, and use the hook-and-loop design to attach the sanding pad to the backer.

This pad backer covers 6-inch surfaces and operates at a high speed of 10,000 rpm. The pad measures 5" x 5/16", and the 24 male thread fits multiple standard orbital sanders. It’s the perfect tool to add to any home garage, workshop, or professional setting. Whether you need an orbital sander backer pad or just some new sanding accessories, NEIKO has your back with our durable, dependable, and strong tools.

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