NEIKO 30262A 6" Sanding Pad with Vinyl PSA Backing, 5/16” Arbor with 24 Thread Mounts, 10,000 RPM, Sanding Pads are Ideal for Orbital and Dual Action Sander




  • PSA SANDING PAD: Blue pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) backing design sticks onto flat vinyl surfaces and is most ideal for woodworking projects; sanding pads for orbital sanders and dual action sanders.
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE: These sanding pads are fast and durable with an oscillating speed that operates at 10,000 RPM and stands up to a high frequency achieving a consistent and smooth finish on your home or automotive projects and more.
  • QUALITY MATERIAL FOR SANDING: Each 6-inch sander disc is made of high-quality polyurethane material that is lightweight and allows a flexible, but firm touch without feeling stiff for maximum control and efficiency for sanding applications.
  • VERSATILE APPLICATIONS: This sanding disc can be used with a variety of other discs for feathering, scratch removal, paint stripping and paint preparation.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: This universal standard sanding and backing disc size is 6" x 5/16" with 24 threads and strong with a rigid body to fit most air sanders, orbital or dual action, for woodworking, automotive work, and industrial settings.
The NEIKO Tools Vinyl Face Sanding Pads with PSA backing are a vinyl backup pad with pressure sensitive adhesive backing discs (sticky back) that are flexible, but firm. It is for use with a variety of discs for feathering, scratch removal, paint stripping and paint prep in home, automotive or industrial settings. With a smooth vinyl surface that provides enhanced adhesion, sanded paper comes off without tearing. These backing discs fit all 6-inch DA Dual Action and Orbital Sanders with a 5/16-inch arbor and 24 TPI threading. Specification: Rated for power sanders operating at 10,000 RPM.

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