NEIKO 30252A Water and Oil Separator for Air Line | 1/4" NPT Inlet and Outlet | 90 PSI | Air Compressor and Air Tool Accessory | Protect Lifespan of Pneumatic Tools | Water Moisture Filter Dryer




  • [WATER SEPARATOR]: An essential air tool accessory for mechanics and craftsmen that stops water and particles from entering air spray guns and other air compressor tools to keep your equipment in top performing shape.
  • [OIL SEPARATOR]: This air filter unit separates the oil from the air as the oil needs to stay inside the compressor to keep it lubricated while the compressed air needs to exit the compressor free of oil to ensure maximum air output to your air tools and increase reliability and lifespan.
  • [MAXIMIZE PERFORMANCE]: The water oil separator traps water vapor and dust to maximize the performance of air compressor tools for cleaner and more even jobs providing excellence in execution and saving you countless dollars in replacing expensive air tool equipment.
  • [TRANSPARENT DESIGN]: The clear build of this tool allows you to monitor the buildup and the amount of water and dust particles that this filter has trapped.
  • [SPECIFICATIONS]: Each unit comes with a 1/4” NPT inlet and outlet for any standard air hose with that size fitting and can handle pressure to 90 PSI.

The Neiko 30252A Water and Oil Separator features a universal 1/4-inch NPT inlet and outlet and is made to be compatible for air tools and spray guns. The separator has a maximum air pressure of 90 psi and serves as the gate keeper between your compressor and air tools. By filtering the water and oil and trapping it inside of the self-contained unit, the 30252A will ensure longevity in your tool collection and help you maintain air tools that perform at an optimal level every time. A must-have for tool enthusiasts, this inexpensive air tool accessory can save you hundreds and even thousands of dollars in replacement tools.



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