NEIKO 30088A 3/8" Drive Butterfly Impact Wrench | 75 Foot/Pound Torque |High Speed 10,000 RPM |1/4” Air Inlet | 3/8” Air Hose Size | Pneumatic Tool for Mechanics




  • APPLICATION: This butterfly type impact gun is ideal for automotive work such as transmission, exhaust, body, and small engine repair and suitable for use in tight spaces like engine compartments and/or under vehicles.
  • CONTROL: The butterfly style throttle gives this unit single-handed speed control and directional control between clockwise and counterclockwise operation to apply torque to sockets, etc. in tough spots.
  • DESIGN: The compact and lightweight design provides excellent maneuverability.  Meant to be used in cramped, hard-to-reach spots and maintains a 360-degree air inlet swivel that allows for use at awkward angles under the hood at the home or garage.
  • FEATURES: Protective rubber nose guard to prevent damage to the air tool and nearby surfaces while working on your car or vehicle.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: 10,000 RPM free speed; 1/4" NPT standard air inlet; 3/8" hose size (ID); 4 CFM air consumption; 90-120 PSI air pressure; 75 Ft-Lbs. maximum torque.
3/8-Inch Butterfly Air Impact Wrench for use in cramped, hard-to-reach spots, 10,000 RPM free-speed on only 4 CFM air consumption, 75 ft-lbs maximum torque

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