NEIKO 30068A Air Sand Blaster Gun | Remove Paint, Rust, Stains, and Grime on Surfaces | Gravity Feed | Replaceable Steel Nozzle




  • [APPLICATION]: This air sand blasting gun in handheld and useful for a variety of needs, which include etching mirror and glass, removing metal rust, paint, oil, oxidation, grime and stains such as dirt from tiles and grout to be the perfect companion for home improvement work.
  • [VERSATILE]: The handheld grip is ergonomic, lightweight and portable, which makes sandblasting versatile for both industrial heavy-duty work such as paint stripping and home appliance maintenance like rust removal.
  • [COMPATIBILITY]: The gravity feed hopper accepts multiple types of media including silicon carbide baking soda, sand, aluminum oxide beads, glass, and walnut shells to blast away a variety of unwanted surfaces.
  • [POWER]: The pressurized compressed air from an air compressor powerfully accelerates gravity fed abrasive media through the 5.0 mm, 2-15/16” x 7/32” diameter nozzle to cover a greater surface area and profile.
  • [SPECIFICATIONS]: Operating pressure: 90 PSI, Air consumption: 7 SCFM, sand recommendation: aluminum oxide (#46 - #100).

The Neiko air Sandblaster gun is great for all your abrasive Blasting needs. Restore your industrial surfaces by ridding away stubborn discoloration, defects and corrosion from iron, steel and wood. Use it on your personal appliances, too – clear away unwanted grime on car rims, fences and bikes to restore your items back to life. The Blaster accepts a range of media to tackle any surfaces: sand of up to #100, glass beads, silicon carbide, and more.

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