NEIKO 30007L Tooluxe® Air Tire Bead Seater, 5-Gallon Capacity, 87 - 116 PSI Operating Pressure



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  • QUICK/ EASY: quickly inflates tire sidewall to seat the bead onto wheel rim for all tires up to 24.5”, including regular vehicles, trucks, tractors, RVs, ATVs and more.
  • CE APPROVED: heavy duty CE approved all steel construction tank with powder coating finish for durability.
  • EASY TO READ GAUGE: accurately fill the tank from standard shop compressor at recommended operating pressure of 87-116 PSI with the included easy-to-read gauge.
  • AUTOMATIC SAFETY VALVE: safety valve automatically pops off and releases air beyond operating pressure for added security.
  • LONG REACH: metal barrel with a specially designed lip delivers a quick air blast between tire and rim at perfect angle and position to get the job done.

Design for seating tires on bead of rim simple, safe and fast. Works on tires up to 24.5". Operating pressure: 87 - 116 psi. Maximum pressure: 145 psi. 5 gallon steel tank.



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