Neiko 20765A Auto Trim Removal | Heavy Duty Nylon Fiber Composite Body Installer Pry Scraper Fastener Panel Molding | 11-Piece Set




  • HEAVY DUTY: Nylon Fiber Composite is Stronger & More Durable than ABS Plastic
  • NON-SCRATCH: Strong yet Gentle so No More Scratching or Damaging your Vehicle
  • VERSATILE: Great for use in body shops, upholstery, marine, auto detailing, RV, autos, boats, trucks
  • INTERIOR & EXTERIOR: Job Specific Tools Made to Remove Door Panels, Fascia & Trim Strips, Interior Panels & Dash Trim, Window Moldings, Wheel Hubs, and More
  • CONVENIENT STORAGE: 11 Piece Set Includes Handy Tool Pouch that Hangs for Use as well as Folds up for Storage

11pc Set Includes: 1 x Wide Type Remover, 1 x Handy Remover, 1 x Upholstery Clip Remover, 1 x Clip Panel Remover, 1 x Pull-Type Remover, 1 x Narrow-Type Remover, 1 x Panel Remover, 1 x Angled Clip Panel Remover, 1 x Flat Clip Panel Remover, 1 x Straight Panel Remover, 1 x Sharp Panel Remover, 1 x Canvas Organizer Pouch (Portable or Hang).

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