NEIKO 20743A 3/4” Digital Torque Adapter, 150-750 Ft-Lb, 3/4” Drive Digital Torque Wrench Converter/Torque Wrench Adapter, Alert Signals Torque Setting, Calibrate Digital & Analog Torque Wrench




  • [TOOL CONVERSION]: This torque adapter unit converts any ratchet wrench into a precision torque wrench and serves as an accurate calibration device for existing digital and analog torque wrenches to assist in preserving the correct torque output and maintain accuracy.
  • [METRIC/SAE]: This digital adapter can calculate torque at both metric and SAE units (Ft.-Lb., N-m and kg-m) and bolters a 3/4-inch drive with socket drive that is compatible with size adapters to change it up in a snap.
  • [MULTI-MODE]: This tool unit provides two types of modes: a peak mode that indicates when a specific level of torque is reached and a trace mode that actively shows how much torque is being applied on the display, so you do not lose efficiency on the job.
  • [NOISE ALERT FUNCTION]: The audible confirmation is accompanied by a 3 LED light indicator system to give you a progressive audio notification when reaching specified torque ratings/settings and auto shuts off after 80 seconds of idle time.
  • [SPECIFICATIONS]: Torque range: 150-750 Ft-Lb or 200-1000 N-m; Accuracy: +-2%; Memory: 50; Uses 2 AA batteries.

3/4-Inch Digital Torque Adapter with three color LCD, converts any ratchet into a torque wrench, 147-737 Foot-Pound


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