NEIKO 20742A Digital Torque Adapter 3/8" Drive | 14.7-99.6 Foot-Pound | Audible Alert




  • [VERSATILE]: Converts any ratchet wrench into a precision torque wrench and an accurate calibration device for existing digital and analog torque wrenches.
  • [FUNCTIONALITY]: Two types of modes: peak mode indicates when a specific level of torque is reached and trace mode actively shows how much torque is being applied on the display.
  • [PRECISION]: Range: 27-135 N-m (14.7-99.6 ft./lb.), Accuracy: +-2% , Unit: Kg-M, Kg-cm, lb.-in, N-M, and Memory: 50
  • [CONVENIENCE]: LED indicator light emits progressive sound when torque setting is reached.
  • [INCLUDES]: Sleep timer auto shut off feature shuts off after every 80 seconds of no usage.
3/8-Inch Digital Torque Adapter, 15-100 Foot-Pound, includes 3 color LED light indicator and progressive audio notification when reaching specified torque.

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