NEIKO 20736A (6) Piece Set, Magnetic Tool & Telescoping Mirror Set, Adjustable Telescoping Magnetic Pickup Tool, Flashlight 15lb Retriever Tool, 360 Swivel, Magnet Mirror, Magnetic Tools for Mechanic




  • EXTENDABLE MAGNET PICKUP TOOL: Various Expandable lengths, up to nearly 3 feet! Strong magnet to sweep and be used as a grabber tool or pick up rod.
  • MECHANICS POCKET TOOLS: Bright LED flashlight. Can be conveniently used for hands-free operation to retrieve dropped items behind HVAC, appliances, cabinets, automobile parts, work benches, etc.
  • COMPACT: Our slim foldable and flexible magnetic pickup tool is telescoping and capable of swiveling 360 degrees for those hard-to-reach places.
  • MAGNETIC TOOL: Effortlessly find and retrieve, metal nuts, bolts, screws, nails etc. in hard-to-reach places with this long magnetic pickup tool.
  • INCLUDES: Square shaped inspection mirror with light (LEDs), round telescoping mirror, LED flashlight, 15 lb. magnetic rod, 1 lb. magnetic rod and 3 in 1 screwdriver.

The NEIKO 20736A 6-piece magnetic pickup tool kit is great for finding metal nuts, bolts, screws, and other metal pieces that have dropped behind HVAC appliances, cabinets, automobile parts, work benches, and are in hard-to-reach areas. The two pick up tools provided in this set are perfect for all your home, automotive and DIY projects. This set is perfect for those that may have back problems or arthritis as it will help eliminate bending over to retrieve small objects. Magnetic pickup tools are a great tool to keep handy for everyday use such as getting keys from between the seat and console, removing nails from fire pit, lost toys under the stove and so much more! So, before you get the vacuum out, try this magnetic tool for all your hard-to-reach areas.

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