Neiko 20730A Auto Body Repair Hammer and Dolly Set, Auto Body Repair Tools, 7-Piece Auto Body Hammer, Metal Forming Tools Set, Fender Roller Auto Body Tools and Equipment, Drop Forged Steel



  • AUTO-BODY REPAIR TOOLS: These comprehensive hammer and dolly repair tools help you fix physical damage on automobile fender and bumper parts and help you repair large or small car-body dings and dents.
  • AUTO TOOL KIT: The included hammers are constructed with durable forged steel, and the nonslip fiberglass handles have a soft rubber grip that creates a comfortable firm hold while also providing shock resistance.
  • DOLLY TOOLS: Our automotive body shop tools kit includes a curved dolly, a utility dolly, a double-end hand dolly, and a shrink dolly. Use these dollies as curved surfaces for circular-shaped metals or to flatten and shape sheet metal.
  • AUTO BODY TOOLS: This car-dent repair kit comes with a standard bumping hammer, a pick-and-finish hammer, a reverse-curve hammer, and 4 types of dollies for the ultimate kit in auto fender roller and metal repair.
  • PORTABLE MECHANIC HAMMER TOOLS: Keep your hammers and dollies organized and ready to go in the included heavy-duty blow-molded storage case. The case has compartments for each tool and can be easily transported.

    NEIKO presents our 20730A Auto-Body Fender-Repair Hammer and Dolly Set as the perfect car-repair tool kit for dings, dents, and other physical damage on your vehicles. This dolly and hammer set includes 3 different hammers and 4 dollies to help you manage auto repairs in the shop or at home.

    This kit includes a standard bumping hammer, a pick-and-finish hammer, and a reverse-curve hammer, all constructed with durable casting steel for maximum durability. Each hammer features a fiberglass handle with a soft rubber grip that helps you keep a comfortable firm hold with each swing.<br><br>This kit also includes 4 dollies: a curved dolly, a utility dolly, a double-end hand dolly, and a shrink dolly. Use these dollies when you can’t swing the hammers. The dollies can flatten or shape the sheet metals you’re working with and can also be used as curved surfaces to place circular, curved, or dome-shaped metal.

    The set also comes with its own portable storage case with compartments for each piece. Keep this superior repair set in your toolbox in the garage, or take it with you to professional mechanic jobs to help mend physical auto-body damages. When it comes to tools you need, NEIKO has your back with our reliable and dependable equipment.


1 x Bumping Hammer

1 x Chisel Hammer

1 x Pick Hammer

1 x Heel Dolly

1 x Comma (Wedge) Dolly

1 x Universal (general Purpose) Dolly

1 x Double-Ended Dolly

1 x Carrying Case

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