NEIKO 20701A Tire Inflator | 12 Inch | Flexible Air Tire Pressure Gauge | 20 – 120 PSI | 1/4” NPT Offset Dual Head Chuck | Tire Filler with Hose | Aluminum Body and Brass Valves | Stem Valve Caps




  • PRECISE: Portable gas station style air tire gauge is easy-to-read and accurately measures pressure from 20 to 120 pounds per square inch. Air pump has convenient release button to reset tire gauge or release air pressure.
  • DURABLE: Commercial grade tire inflator is made of a cast aluminum alloy body with heavy duty brass valves and steel washers for a long lasting airtight seal when connecting to a wheel and tire or an air compressor.
  • DOUBLE CHUCK HEAD: 6-inch straight head air chuck is chrome plated with two heads for easier access on all types of cars, trucks, semi-trucks, motorcycles, dually trucks, RV tire and other hard to reach Schrader plugs.
  • RED AIR HOSE: 12” Tire filler with gauge comes attached to a heavy duty flexible rubber hose. Standard 1/4” NPT female thread inlet. Air inflator provides easy and controlled tire air inflating and tire deflating with attached pneumatic tire pressure nozzle.
  • INCLUDES: 1 x complete all in one air inflator gauge with hose and dual steel chuck; 4 x Schrader valve core; 4 x pressure rated replacement standard tire valve caps in black; 1 x four-in-one valve core removal tool that cleans threads, pulls the valve stem, tire deflation needle, and removes and installs valves.

The NEIKO 20701A all in one built in tire pressure gauge is the must have inflator for you garage or shop. No need to buy both a pressure gauge and a tire inflator because with this product you get both in one. This handheld gauge is helpful to know when to stop filling your tire to your desired pounds per square inch. With a combined length of over 18 inches, you can reach the tire stems on a dually truck or semi wheels. The inverted chuck helps inflate or measure those awkward stems from different angles. Commercial grade air hose bends and conforms for optimal comfort while not losing any pressure. Whether you are airing down your off road vehicles or inflating you tires this gauge will give you the most accurate measurement. Having properly inflated tires can provide better performance in all weather conditions. Low tire pressure can cause uneven tire ware, increase the odds of flat tires and tire malfunctions.Includes: 1 x Tire Gauge / Inflator1 x Valve core tool4 x Valve cores4 x Tire valve caps

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