NEIKO 12011A Grease Gun | Heavy Duty Pistol Grip Greaser | 6000 PSI | Standard 14oz Grease Cartridge | 18” Reinforced Flex Hose, Zerk Coupler, 6” Straight Extension & 5.5” Bend Ext, Sharp Nozzle




  • DURABLE: Fits standard 14 ounce grease tube canister and is constructed with cold drawn steel tube providing a working pressure of up to 6000 pounds per square inch and a leak free design.
  • INTERCHANGABLE NOZZLES: Lubrication gun comes with 2 zerk fitting couplers, 1 sharp type nozzle, 1 18” heavy duty reinforced flex hose with spring guard, 1 six-inch straight metal extension and a five and a half metal extension with a bend.
  • PISTOL GRIP: Automotive grease gun with non-slip rubber grip handle provides higher grip friction for greasing all your bearings, fittings, and joints. Ergonomic T-handle for easy loading and strong spring and O-ring for optimal grease usage.
  • 3 WAY LOADING: Manual bulk filling grease gun works with filler pump also known as dispenser pump, bulk loading which is a suction fill, or cartridge grease tubes. Easy push air release valve for eliminating air pockets.
  • APPLICATION: This hand powered grease gun injects lubricants into light and heavy equipment such as tractors, cars, truck, motorcycles, u joints, lawnmowers, bush hog, log splitter, chainsaws, bearing packers, axles and is a must for any workshop or garage.
NEIKO presents the 12011A Axle Grease Gun. This hand powered greaser gun is forced from the aperture by back pressure built up by cranking the trigger mechanism of the gun. The purpose of the grease gun is to apply lubricants or grease to a specific point or through a grease fitting also known as Zerk fittings. Zerk fittings are found wherever grease is required. Needle bearings in a universal joint, a ball joint, a pin that allows parts to rotate or an area that has two hard surfaces slide upon each other. Using grease guns prevents any grease from being wasted and provides better saturation of the lubricant in needed areas. This industrial grease gun pistol can be used to deliver the right amount of lubrication to bearings right where its needed. Grease guns save time, money and prevent downtime of your machinery such. Tractor grease guns can be detrimental on the farm to keep your farm equipment and tractor maintained. Squeaky car suspension can be prevented and fixed by lubricating your ball joints with this grease gun. Greasing the steering system, suspension system and drivetrain with a lube job can be necessary to keep moving parts that touch from wearing each other down.

Attachments Includes:

1 x Grease Pistol Grip Gun 1 x 18” Flexible Hose 1 x 6” Straight Metal Extension Tube 1 x 5-1/2” Bend Metal Extension Tube 1 x Precision Tip Nozzle 2 x Zerk Couplers

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