NEIKO 11270A 72 Piece Sanding Discs for 5” Orbital Sander, Hook and Loop, Sandpaper Assortment with 40, 60, 80, 120, 180, 240, 320 Grit, Premium Aluminum Oxide Grain, Solid Surface Sanding Pads




  • COMPLETE SANDING COLLECTION: With assorted sizes ranging from 40 Grit to 320 Grit, the Neiko 5" orbital sanding discs give you coarse to fine abrasive materials needed to scrape off materials or give you a smooth surface finish.
  • ANTI-STATIC AND ANTI-CLOGGING: Each 8-hole sanding pad set comes with an anti-static feature to reduce the attraction of dust and dirt, sparks, and electric shocks while the anti-clogging prevents the glazing of the cutting edges.
  • MULTI-APPLICATION: Used with a pneumatic orbital sander ranging to a plug-in or cordless sander, each disc is for use on wood, drywall, fiberglass, metal, plastic and finishing painted surfaces.
  • HOOK AND LOOP: The convenient quick-change hook and loop orbital sander pads backing system allows for secure and fast changes during sanding.
  • WHAT'S INCLUDED: With each sanding disc kit, there are 12 pc: 40 grit, 10 pc: 60 grit, 10 pc: 80 grit, 10 pc: 120 grit, 10 pc 180 grit, 10 pc: 240 grit, and 10 pc: 320 grit sanding discs.

Every Neiko orbital sandpaper discs assortment is designed with anti-static and anti-clogging to give you the most out of the premium quality aluminum oxide materials used when manufactured. These discs come with assorted sizes to give you a full range of sanding execution on the job. Each circular pad has the ability to give you the type of surface you are looking for on your workpiece. From woodworking, to painting, all the way up to metal projects, this sandpaper assortment will get you the desired finish you are trying to achieve every time. With a standard 5" diameter, simply attach the hook and look backing pads to your orbital and let these guys do the work for you.

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