NEIKO 10576A Handheld Electric Engraver, 120 Volts | Tungsten Carbide Tip | Letter and Number Templates Included




  • Sharp and precise replaceable tungsten carbide writing tip allows for the cleanest, most detailed engraving results and remains sharp for multiple uses
  • Works great on wide range of multi-surfaces ranging from wood, plastic, metal, glass, and many more material for all types of projects
  • Soft, lightweight body with a comfortable grip makes it hand-held giving a natural pencil light squeeze for easy operation
  • Multi-purpose lit comes with two stencils that includes numbers and shapes making it great for artistic customization or simple labeling
  • Adjustable features allow the engraving needle depth with the stroke adjustment knob to perform all necessary function
Personalizing gifts, engraving names, and simple tool labeling can now be done at home with the hand held electric engraver. The replaceable tungsten carbide tip provides precise, clean strokes while staying sharp throughout multiple uses and you can easily adjust the depth of the needle with the adjustment knob. The 120-volt power of the engraver delivers over 7200 rpm making it powerful enough to engrave through different surfaces including wood, plastic, metal, and even glass. The soft rubber and lightweight construction gives you a natural pencil like grip so you can easily engrave simple names with two included stencils to even detailed art work applications.

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