NEIKO 10235B 13/16” Drill Bit for Metal, 1/2” Shank, Silver and Deming, 135° Split Point, High Speed Steel Drilling Bit for Metals, Wood, Plastics, Composite Materials




  • HSS HIGH SPEED STEEL: The high-speed steel material these bits are made of are designed to ensure sharp and fast execution in any material for clean results while making the bit long-lasting, durable, and wear resistant.
  • 135° SPLIT POINT DRILL TIP: The 135-degree split point increases cutting speed with self-centering with no pilot hole and prevents walking while clearing chips and particles faster.
  • 1/2” TRI-FLAT SHANKS: The tri-flat on the shanks of these drills are constructed for tighter chucking to maximize the hold to create precision holes.
  • CHISELED PRECISION CUT: Each of the 13/16 inch drill bits have a precision manufactured cut for accurate drilling and the all-purpose reduced shank has a 1/2-inch chiseled diameter to fit any type of drill chuck with a precise and snug fit.
  • DRILLING TYPES: This 13/16-inch silver and deming drill bit is ideal for drilling into steel, copper, aluminum, brass, wood, oak, maple, MDF, pine, PVC, polycarbonate, acrylic, ABS, nylon, and composite materials.

The NEIKO 10235B S&D 13/16” Drill Bits are precision manufactured to give you the excellent drilling into multiple material types. With the classic 135-degree split points, this bit will drill holes without walking across the workpiece and not require a pilot hole before drilling. The high-speed steel build of each of the silver and deming bits gives it strength and cutting power to last job after job. Trust in NEIKO for your drilling needs on a professional

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