NEIKO 10173A Step Drill Bit Set for Metal and Wood, 5 Piece SAE, Spiral Grooved for Faster Drilling, Step Bits with 50 Total Step Sizes, Titanium Coated Unibits




  • PREMIUM STEP BIT: Each unibit is constructed of industrial high-speed steel with a titanium nitride coating for durability and strength to punch and drill clean holes in materials like plastic, aluminum, wood, copper, stainless steel, and other types of sheet metal.
  • STEP DRILL BIT FOR METAL: With a split point tip that accelerates cutting speed while preventing angled walking away from center line of bore, drilling holes in metal is fast, efficient, and clean.
  • SPIRAL DESIGN: The two-flute spiral grooved design deburrs chip, dust and debris for clearance and smooth cutting. With 50 step sizes combined, each hole made with these step bits will be precise.
  • QUICK-CHANGE: The 1/4-inch hex shank makes for easy, convenient, and quick stepper bit switches and is compatible with impact ready power tools.
  • INCLUDES: Each bit set comes with 5 drill bits of a combined 50 sizes: Range is from 1/8” to 1-3/8”.

Whether it’s for a DIY project or for professional engineering use, the NEIKO 10173A Two-Flute Spiral Grooved Step Drill Bit Set will make easy work out of your punching and drilling needs. Constructed with industrial grade HSS, the Step Drill Bits provide maximum strength when dealing with various sheets or surfaces, such as metal, wood, plastic, aluminum, or copper.

Product Features:

- Titanium Nitride coating ensures the bit stays cool, reduces friction, and stays durable to last through countless drills.

- Quick Change Hex Shank makes it easy for bit switches and is compatible with most impact ready power tools, electric drills, and bench drills

- 135° Split Point Tip increases cutting speed with self-centering and prevents walking

- Its 2 Flute Spiral Design clears particles while drilling to decrease friction and heat for a cleaner and quicker process

- Clear Engraved Sizes for easy identification

- 5 pieces and 50 Step Drill Bit Sizes:

1/8” – 1/2” in 1/32” increments (13 step drill)

3/16” – 1/2” in 1/16” increments (6 step drill)

3/6” – 7/8” in 1/16” increments (12 step drill)

1/4” – 3/4"" in 1/16” increments (9 step drill)

1/4” – 1-3/8” in 1/8” increments (10 step drill)

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