NEIKO 04202A Master Screw Extractor | 55 Pieces Broken Bolt Remover | Multi Spline, Extractor Pins, Spiral and Nut Extractors | 5/64” to 1/2" | Stripped Screws, Studs, Fittings and Lugs Extraction




  • [APPLICATION]: Tool used for removing seized, damaged, or screws with missing heads.
  • [QUALITY]: Engineered for high torque output without expansion to prevent breaking or jamming.
  • [PRECISE]: Drill bit guide and long extractor pins for hard to reach and tight areas.
  • [CONVENIENT]: Easily drill, turn, and extract broken fasteners or bolts for home or industrial use.
  • [INCLUDES]: 16 high speed steel drill bits (5/64" to 1/2"), 6 spiral screw extractors (#1 to #6), 13 multi spline extractors (1/8", to 1/2"), 5 extractor pins (#1 to #5), 10 drill bit guide bits (G1 to G10), 5 nut extractors (#1 to #5), carrying storage case.

The NEIKO 04202A Fastener and Bolt Extractor is a must have tool set for mechanics and DIYers alike! If you have ever had a stubborn stripped screw at home or a bolt on your manifold broken and need an easy out system to remove that worn down screw or bolt, this is your complete extraction kit.

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