NEIKO 03968A Offset Handle Socket Holder Rail, 3 Piece Organizer Set | 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2-Inch Drive




  • Nickel plated steel clips and rails are made durable to withstand long-term holding use versus plastic holders
  • Features angled handles at the end of each socket holder with color-coded socket drive sizes for easy identification when organizing your sockets
  • Hole for loops are located at the end of each socket holder so you can easily hang on the garage and workshop walls
  • Curved clip design securely holds sockets with enough tension without making removing sockets too difficult
  • Each socket rail has drive clips for the following drive sizes: 16 x 1/4" drive, 14 x 3/8" drive and 12 x 1/2" drive clips
NEIKO 03968A Offset Handle Socket Holder Organizers Set offers an efficient solution to storing your sockets outside of the case when you are on the job or on the go and need a range of socket sizes.
Sturdy nickel-plated steel construction provides a sturdier hold than plastic alternatives. With color-coded and prelabelled handles, these socket organizers can be hung in your tool shelf or box or on your tool board for maximum visibility and access.
This organizer set has three rails and can store up to forty-two sockets: (16) quarter inch drive, (14) three eighths inch drive, and (12) half inch drive socket clips.

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