Neiko 03581A Super Thin Wrench Set Metric, 3-4mm Thick, 7 Piece Small Double Open End Slim Wrench Set, Metric Spanner Wrench Set, 14 Sizes from 6mm to 19mm, Angle Open Ended Skinny Wrench




  • FLAT WRENCH SETS: Open ended and double sided wrenches, these thin tappet wrenches are constructed of durable chrome plated drop forged steel with a polished mirror surface to prevent weathering and create a long lasting tool.
  • ULTRA THIN WRENCHES: Save more than half the space of a standard wrench with these wrenches measuring only 3/32” and 1/8” (3 Millimeter and 4 Millimeter) thin to let you reach fasteners in tight clearance or narrow spot areas.
  • NARROW WRENCH: Multipurpose wrenches are very versatile and a must have in your home, garage, or shop. This can be used as a cone wrench, table saw wrench, motorcycle, bike wrench, car repair, machinery, and household.
  • ROLL UP POUCH: Rolling pouch for convenient storage with printed sizes for easy organization on the go. Hook and loop sealing system to keep your roll tight and from unwinding in your toolbox.
  • METRIC WRENCH SET SIZES: 6mm x 7mm (3MM) Wrench, 8mm x 9mm (3MM) Wrench, 10mm x 12mm (3MM) Wrench, 11mm x 13mm (3MM) Wrench, 14mm x 15mm (4MM) Wrench, 16mm x 18mm (4MM) Wrench, 17mm x 19mm (4MM) Wrench

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